Digital video, LCD Televisions and more from The Satellite Store.


Whether it’s for the home, classroom, meeting room, or training room, a scalable, fully-customized video system designed by The Satellite Store will alter the way you watch digital media forever. Experience the freedom to access, route, and view digital video where ever it’s needed. You’ll enjoy a high-performance, user friendly system featuring on-screen options and high definition digital video processing capabilities with easy access from any input device touchpad.

The Satellite Store is expertly equipped to handle the challenges inherent in the customized delivery of high-end, high-tech digital video.


We deliver:

Indoor/outdoor video capability
Projection (educational, office, residential)
Home Theater
Convenient interface options

And while videoconferencing is not offered as a hardware on-premise system, the Satellite Store is proud to offer it as a “software as a service” to our clients.


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Route any source to
any display

Sophisticated matrix switches are remarkably easy to use. You can route any source to any display. Operated via a convenient control panel or input device, including touch panels, iPhones, Droids, iPads, and more, any source (DirecTV, Dish, Blu-Ray, Video etc.) can be directed to any display (multiple televisions, a projector, or other display unit).

Whether you're directing video to a television, or to a commercial projection unit, we're able to accommodate your needs—residential, commercial, educational, or correctional.

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Route Any Source To Any TV.